Online Shopping Statistics Rise and Fall of Online Shopping Trends

More and more people are now shopping online instead of from brick-and-mortar stores due to the convenience the Internet offers. The rise in the past years has become so dramatic that some experts are now suggesting that the number of online shoppers will double in the next 5 years. This article takes a look at some of the online shopping statistics for the benefit of retailers and shoppers who are interested in observing the trends in the online market.

A quick look at Online Shopping Statistics

Several changes have happened in Internet shopping in the past years that have greatly affected online shopping statistics. Some of the more dramatic online shopping statistics include:

Online shopping statistics:

  • amount spent. In 2010, Americans spent $186 billion on online shopping. In 2011, Australians have spent $13.6 billion in their online purchases, and are expected to spend $21.7 billion in 2015.

Online shopping statistics:

  • the buyers. Australians and Asians are the ones who love to shop online the most, with 87% of the Internet users having made an online purchase at some point. This was followed by the Internet users who live in Europe and the Middle East (85%), North America (83%), and Central and South America (81%). Out of all of the online shoppers today, 65% of them have been purchasing products over the Internet for over 5 years.

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Online Shopping Statistics - GET PAID TO SHOP


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Online Shopping Statistics - GET PAID TO SHOP

About 80% of the online shoppers are between the ages 32 and 44, although 72% of those between the ages 55 and 64 and 71% of those between 18 and 32 years old have also purchased products over the Internet. Most of those who shop online are females. Furthermore, 70% of the people who shop over the Internet are employed and working, and 75% of them earn $50,000 a year or more. Out of all of the shoppers, 19% of them purchase one product or more over the Internet on a weekly basis.

Online shopping statistics:

  • the ratio. While 81% of Internet users go online to research about products they’re planning on buying, only 66% of the users have made online purchases at some point in their lives.

Online shopping statistics:

  • method of shopping. It’s not just computers that are now being used to shop online. Out of all the online shoppers, 47% use a mobile device (such as a mobile phone or a tablet) to make their purchases over the Internet.

Online shopping statistics:

  • holiday shopping. The 2010 holidays saw a 13% increase in online shopping.

Online shopping trends
Aside from the online shopping statistics listed above, experts are now noticing patterns in the shopping trends of online shoppers in the past years. These include:

What are people buying?
The top five sectors being purchased by buyers online are clothes, jewelry, computers, electronic gadgets, and furniture. The top purchases among men are clothes, footwear, films, and music, while the top purchases of women are clothes and sporting goods.

Deals sites.
One of the possible reasons why shopping online has enjoyed a spike in the past couple of years is the introduction of deal sites, allowing people to get huge discounts from a variety of products and services offered by different merchants. In the past, some marketing officers have mocked deals sites for being a passing trend, but its continuing presence and the emergence of new deals sites indicate that this industry has come to stay.

Most people prefer to go shopping online because of the huge discounts that they can get from online retailers. To save even more money in their online purchases, a lot of smart shoppers are now on the lookout for coupon codes that they can use to get price cuts on their purchases. People are now keeping their eyes peeled for a JCPenny, Ltd, Macy’s, or Overstock coupon code that they can use to get discounts.

Online versions of brick-and-mortar stores.
Recognizing the power of Internet shopping, brick-and-mortar stores have now established an online presence so that they can sell their products over the Internet as well. Large department stores lead the list of stores that now sell products online and offline.

As was mentioned earlier, more and more people are now turning to mobile devices to help them make their online purchases. Mobile apps are now being introduced by designers to help users get coupons and make price comparisons so that they can get the best deals available.

Social networking.
Social networking sites are now also being tapped by online retailers to spread the news about their companies as well as their products, services, and deals they’re offering to customers.

Whether you’re an online retailer looking for ways to boost your sales or a shopper who’s interested at the trends in online shopping, understanding online shopping statistics can help you understand market movements so you can make the right moves in your sales and purchases.

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Online Shopping Statistics – The Business of Online… Digital Strategy Evolution

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Kindle Vs Nook – Which Is The Better Ereader?

The Kindle through and the original Nook from Barnes & Nobles tend to be 2 extremely popular eReaders offered to acquire today. Both have been around for quite a while and also have upsides as well as negative aspects. In this Nook versus Kindle Fire evaluation I am going to offer you a good as well as fair check out, they both to allow it to be simpler for you to produce the right selection for you personally. At this stage, I want to inform anyone that we’re quite a while eReader fanatic, and that I would not assessment a product we had not proven (which is false primarily other so-called “testers” around). Therefore, I think you’ll get pleasure from my own evaluation and also feel free to comment or request any queries maybe you have. I possess categorized various top features of the 2 regarding to allow it to be effortless for you to navigate on your path through this evaluate.

Kindle Vs Nook – Speed
In the world, we are now living in, velocity will suggest everything to the people. Our lives’ competition coupled with one hundred mph and when we can conserve 5 minutes per week creating a much more zippy eReader, this issues with a Kindle Fire. When everything you could value can be speed, the particular Kindle three or more is the clear option. Amazon got the existing Kindle only two, which has been currently speedier than the corner, generating it perhaps longer rapidly with all the Kindle Fire specs. Enough time it will require to show a page feels like a very long time around the Nook when compared to Kindle three or more. Currently, not every one of people come in this kind of hurry, but I need to say getting analyzed the two, once you have tried the particular Kindle the idea in some way is like you happen to be throwing away treasured a few moments of your life while using space.

Kindle Vs Nook - Which Is The Better Ereader?Another issue that may be much faster with all the Kindle will be the routing. This implies its ability to move the cursor across the web site inside a smooth and also foreseen method. Your Kindle offers what is called a new rocker-button which is often shifted close to five methods, and yes it moves in a short time. On the place, you will need to stimulate the actual liquid crystal display which in turn has lights just a little personal rocker-button that has to be touched to advance the cursor throughout the monitor. When compared to the Kindle, the actual digital rocker-button about the Nook shows up quite gradual and sluggish. Yet again, this may not issue for you, but when you become accustomed to the actually Kindle, finding comfort the slowness from the Nook can be instead bothersome. I know that Barnes & Noble have got unveiled software program improvements, which include managed to get speedier, nonetheless, it even now won’t perform like the Kindles.

Kindle Vs Nook – Screen Contrast
The expertise of the display screen of the eReader is basically crucial. I could deal with more slowly web pages becomes, if the display features glare as well as this hurts your eyes you just read over fifty percent an hour, or so it can be going in the trash can. Amazon got your Kindle a couple of and enhanced the particular screen considerably after they unveiled number several. The state amounts declare 50% much better distinction than the Kindle only two and I believe them. The particular display screen contrast to the space is around just like Kindle a couple of so the brand new Kindle is miles ahead. Properly, what this signifies for you personally like a consumer is an e Reader that can examine the two on the inside and also out in just about any conditions and continues the worries on your own eye to a bare minimum. After an hour or so on the corner I’ve had sufficient, especially if the lighting is a little bit darkish, nevertheless, I still didn’t arrive at my own limit with the Kindle 3.

If you’re looking at throughout nicely lit up ailments, the particular Nook will perform all right, in case you happen to be anything much like me, you could prefer to study during intercourse, as well as bedrooms could be badly ignited. Consider the place in order to your bed with you and you’ll have the head ache inside the hour if you do not have a good mattress part table light fixture.

Kindle Vs Nook – Battery life
Nook Vs Kindle - Which Is The Better Ereader?The brand-new battery fitted in Kindle three is truly remarkable. My partner and I fee my own every few week that is certainly with all the WIFI upon. If I power it down it is going to previous me with regards to a calendar month. Unfortunately, for that Nook, it’s felt LCD display drains it rapidly, and it’s also less likely to be able to last greater 7 days. Should it matter significantly effectively, when whatever you perform actually hold the best eReader at home and study when going to bed it likely will not. However, if you go about getaways of any substantial period and want to acquire the collection along, the real space requires you definitely take the actual battery charger. Personally, the large distinction in battery life won’t subject. We have not an issue insert your battery charger throughout once per week.

Nook Vs Kindle – Weight
In nowhere Nook, from Barnes & Nobles, coming in at 14.5 ounces, your Nook! as well as in the actual reddish corner, straight coming from rain forest, coming in at simply 8.five oz., the particular Kindle several ! detail would be a boxing go with your place would possibly “Nook” (would you obtain that) the particular pants off of the Kindle, but sadly with regard to Barnes & Nobles, it isn’t. Three oz may well not seem like a good deal, but when you hold the corner for a while and switch the signal from your Kindle 3, you’ll be able to have the difference straight away.

The particular Kindle just feels nicer inside your hand and also, since it is lighter in weight it’s safer to provide along with you. The case that is included with the particular place causes it to be more painful as it is quite large, as the Kindle scenario is mild and also performs very well. So significantly, your Kindle three offers slaughtered your Nook. Even so, for many an individual place followers around, don’t lose hope. You’ll find reasons that could allow you to look at the Nook too. Let’s go through these one at a time and check the summary towards the end for that consequence.

Having an actual store
Should a person ever require virtually any assistance with the place, all you’ve got to perform will get it to some Barnes & Noble store, and they will look after the idea for you personally. In case you are in Barnes & Nobles along with your space look for any publication within their catalogue totally free to have an hr every day. If you’re lucky, they will often perhaps supply you with a totally free publication that may simply pop-up in your display.

Kindle Vs Nook - Which Is The Better E Reader?Nook Vs Kindle – User-replaceable battery
The power packs utilized in the place and the Kindle will ultimately shed their particular charging skills. Together with many years of employ, precisely what utilized to later days might be now just last several days. Nook’s battery pack is not hard to alter for the user and inexpensive to purchase. To exchange the actual Kindle electric battery on the other hand, you will need to dispatch the idea (your individual expense) for you to Amazon online marketplace, and they’re going to change your entire Kindle having a repaired one particular (not necessarily the one you have). Nevertheless, as outlined by Amazon online marketplace the Kindle battery power should last you provided that three years and I also guess most of us might have enhanced to the newer model at that same moment anyway.

Nook Vs Kindle – ePub
As instead of the Kindle several, the particular space utilizes your traditionally used open up format, ePub. Consequently, having a Nook there is a capability to “access” information products inside the ePub format through several electronic libraries. Amazon uses their very own book format and that is not necessarily recognized by additional eReaders. How this works in your case as being a consumer is you can’t have a Kindle book and also move it in your corner, if you don’t utilize a free of charge program named Calibre that may translate e-book platforms to suit your needs. Really the only get here’s that will Calibre doesn’t work using copy-write shielded guides.

Nook’s liquid crystal display screen
Having one liquid crystal display screen on the e Reader can be a professional for many and a minus for other people. It really depends upon the most important thing to you personally. It will make the Nook search pretty neat if this sounds like vital that you’re a person, however, when looking at staying user-friendly, your Kindle is actually each speedier and easier to make use of. Going through the LCD monitor is, in fact, similar to staring at some type of computer, if thus giving which you headaches, chances are the actual corner will perform the identical.

Expandable Memory
The corner includes a couple of gigabyte since normal, but you can add on an additional 16GB should you desire by purchasing any micro SD card. The particular Kindle incorporates several gigabyte since regular, but can ‘t be broadened. Now, I don’t know who does require 16GB associated with guides on the place, but the several GB that will come regular around the Kindle is obviously ample, mainly because it holds as much as more than three thousand guides.

Look, both the Kindle three and also the Nook are generally two of the very best e Readers currently available. Consequently, exactly why these are set up towards each other inside the “combat regarding champs.” Other ebook reader falls short of those two also it seems like whenever a brand new along with a far better product is actually launched, the particular space expands. Both the Kindle and the space has their pros and cons as is available currently learn about. When it comes down to put the hard-earned cash lower, however, I might will back the actually Kindle three, each day of the week. Exactly, why properly, there may be simply a couple of things I favor better about the space. Its user-replaceable battery pack and the undeniable fact that you could have an authentic particular person mending this while you delay. Nevertheless at the conclusion during the day, these two functions does not make up for the truth that the particular Kindle three is faster, lasts more time, features a better display and that is less difficult about the eye, much more user-friendly, smaller sized along with lighter that makes it far more lightweight and better to maintain for the people extended hours of reading through. Therefore, ring-a-ding-ding, Kindle’s the actual California King!

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Kindle Vs Nook Review

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