E-Readers are rapidly becoming more popular. Falling prices are partially responsible, but the enhanced technology offered by several models (such as the new Kindle) is certainly responsible for attracting new users. With a combination of lower book prices and intriguing applications, new e-Readers are becoming more and more prominent on the market. One of the most popular e-Readers, the Amazon Kindle, has remained atop the heap through constant innovation and strong corporate support. New versions of the device seem to be released every year, and amazing new applications seem to be added almost every day. Users of the device have many accessories from which to choose, and the features of even the basic models are amongst the best in the industry.

The New Kindle

Amazon regularly updates its Kindle line, and the new Kindle line features some of the company’s most impressive technology yet. Not content to merely produce one of the best-selling e-Readers on the market, Amazon has instead focused on perfecting the technology behind its products. In the Fall of 2011, the company announced that it would releasing a revamped line of Kindle products, each of which presents a rather significant improvement on the former models. Perhaps most notably, some of the new products present major changes in the device’s format.

The New Kindle Fire - Order now!The basic Kindle model will continue to exist, though at a significantly reduced price. This model builds off of the Special Offers platforms, and allows users to purchase a device at a lower price point in exchange for receiving advertisements when the device is in a resting mode. More interesting are the two new models. The Kindle Touch is a black and white touch-screen model, a product that eschews buttons for a simplified touch-screen. The device is likely meant to compete directly with Barnes and Nobles’ Nook, though the price point is far lower. The most anticipated in the Kindle Fire, a fully-functional tablet computer that runs on a modified form of the Android operating system. This device is not only an e-Reader, but also a direct competitor with the iPad.

Kindle Features

No matter which model of the new Kindle you choose to buy, there are a few basic features that every model will share. Each model comes complete with an on-board Kindle manual, which can allow a user to learn the tricks of using the device. Every model comes complete with the signature e-Ink display, allowing owners to read their chosen materials with relatively little eye strain. All new Kindle models feature a relatively lengthy battery life, and com equipped with a recharge cable that can also function as a USB transfer cable.

More impressively, every new Kindle comes complete with access to Amazon’s Kindle store. This store features thousands of books and hundreds of unique applications, many of which are available for significantly reduced prices. All new Kindle models come complete with access to Amazon’s WhisperSync technology, which allows for quick downloads directly from the onboard Kindle store or from any computer. Books and applications alike can be downloaded wireless or through a USB cable, and documents can be shared across all devices with access to a single Amazon account. Every device is Wi-Fi enabled, though certain devices also contain access to most 3G networks. The new Kindle line is quite diverse, but these major features allow users to easily use any model.

New Kindle Accessories

After finding the perfect Kindle, many choose to look for accessories. Some of the most popular accessories are simple Kindle covers. These new Kindle covers are wonderful for protecting the device not only from scuffs and scrapes, but also from the user’s handprints. These devices are rarely meant to protect the Kindle from significant damage, but do provide some security from accidental drops. Some Kindle covers do also come with screen protectors, a wonderful way to protect the e-Readers sole weak point.

Others choose to protect their e-Reader with new Kindle cases. These cases do provide significant protection, and often cover both the unit itself and the screen. These cases can also come equipped with interesting accessories, such as dedicated reading lights. Cases tend to cost significantly more than covers, but also tend to come in many different shapes and styles. Covers are quite useful for those that simply want to keep the device clean, while cases are better for those that are looking for significant protection.

The Amazon New Kindle is one of the best e-Readers on the market, and for good reason. The new models constantly push the boundaries of e-Reader technology, and the price points are always falling. Various accessories are available to make up for the few shortcomings of the device, and the features available allow users to find incredible uses for their new piece of technology. Of course, one of the best parts of owning the device is Amazon’s constant support of their technology. Upgrades are constantly being applied to the Kindle Store, and users of every model reap the rewards of the new additions that are constantly added.

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