TAG is a Swiss watch that is well known the world over. This watch has set the standard for innovative, stylish sports watches and is simply unequaled. This watch is made using high quality materials and its makers adhere to a high standard of excellence. There are several watches in the collection, such as the TAG Heuer Grand Carrera, TAG Heuer Carrera Automatic, Monaco and TAG Heuer Formula 1.

TAG Heuer Carrera - TAG Heuer Men's CAV5185.FC6237 Grand Carrera Leather Strap Chronograph Black Dial Watch

This company was the first company to create a water resistant watch with a square casing. The TAG Heuer Monaco came to define manliness, style and class when it was worn by Steve McQueen in the famous racing film “Le Mans.” Since this time, the TAG Heuer Monaco has been held in high esteem.

Those who enjoy speed and adventure will want to invest in a TAG Heuer Carrera watch. This watch is for those who are active and adventuresome. It is extremely good looking and can be worn by not only men but also women as well.

TAG Link watches are ideal for those who want a sports watch that can also be worn to work, business meetings and formal occasions. This watch has made its mark on the world in a way that no other watch has. There is no other watch that has been made in this decade that resembles the TAG Link and what it has to offer. There are both men’s and women’s TAG Link watches.

Individuals who enjoy swimming and other aquatic activities are sure to enjoy a TAG Heuer Aquaracer. The TAG Aquaracer is an accurate, high level watch that is sure to suit the needs of a sports loving and style loving individual. Women are sure to appreciate the quartz women’s TAG Heuer Aquaracer.

Those who want a watch that is truly perfect in every way should invest in the TAG Heuer Formula 1. This watch was made in dedication to world champion Fernando Alonso, who helped to design this watch. This watch represents not only sportsmanship but also the spirit of competition. Champions at heart are sure to enjoy the make and style of this high end sports watch.

The TAG Heuer Carrera is an award winning watch that is a timeless classic. It features one of the most complex movement mechanisms that the watch making industry has ever seen. The Carrera watch symbolizes both sophistication and style and has a stylish and classic feel. Besides its great style, this particular watch also gives high quality performance.

This particular watch manufacturer has produced many thousands of TAG watches since the time that it has first entered the watch making scene. Each and every model of watch that this company has created is a credit to the company and its high level of workmanship. TAG has been the proud recipient of numerous awards throughout the years and the company is considered to be the very best watchmaker in the industry. TAG Heuer’s newest timepiece is the Men’s TAG Heuer Grand Carrera Automatic Chronograph. The design is new and unique while the workmanship is the same high standard that most have come to expect from this brand name. This particular men’s watch was made to appeal to young, professional men.

Seeing that the demand for the TAG Heuer Grand Carrera watch is likely to be quite high, one will want to purchase this watch before the stock is depleted. This particular watch has a steel case of about 43 millimeters and and is fifteen millimeters thick. The wristband can be adjusted as needed. The TAG Heuer Carrera Automatic is black and has been made using perforated rubber. The dial is black and has both calendar functionality and a chronograph. However, unlike most watches that display the date near the three o’clock dial, this particular watch displays the date near the six o’clock dial, right near the bottom of the watch face. The TAG Grand Carrera also comes with a case and the case is made from black titanium PVD. The sapphire crystal case is impervious to scratches and damage.

The TAG Heuer Grand Carrera is water resistant up to about three hundred feet and comes with special features and amenities that one is sure to find appealing. The hands and markers light up in the dark, the watch has a crew down crown and it can also feature an additional time zone. This watch is sure to match with whatever one may be wearing. It can be worn not only with jeans and a t shirt but also with a three piece suit. Anyone who is looking for a good gift to give a husband, father, brother or significant other should consider this watch and all that it has to offer.

A person who wears this watch will have a stylish, fully functional time piece that can be relied on. The TAG Heuer Carrera is made from high quality materials and has been created by a company with an outstanding reputation. All in all, this watch is the best buy on the market.

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