Where can I buy a Kindle? They’re advertised in magazines, on TV and the Internet. I see them in the hands of fellow public transit commuters, airplane passengers, and the guy sitting next to me at the resort pool.” You know what they are, but you always wonder, “Where can I buy a Kindle?” Where to buy a kindle shouldn’t have to be such a mystery. With the technology changing every other day, you are still left wondering where to buy a Kindle. You really don’t have to go far. Buy it right here on this site! First, let’s go over each type and then we’ll move on to where to buy a kindle.

Kindle 3 and Kindle 3g
Where can I buy a Kindle? - Here you can buy a new kindle 3 or Kindle 3g for only $ 139,-!The Kindle 3 is smaller and lighter than the previous models. This model is really lightweight and easy to bring with you anywhere you go. It fits easily into purses, briefcases and luggage. The Kindle 3 and Kindle 3G offer wi-fi access, the difference being that the 3G model does not require you to be within a wi-fi zone. Both models offer E-Ink instead of LCD screens. This makes for easy readability in any kind of light. You can easily find them both, either as brand new, or refurbished models. But we’ll get into the refurbished kind in a bit.

Compared to the much larger, and heavier, iPad or the lesser quality Nook Reader, both models offer a great solution for the person looking to bring their book lists everywhere they go. Reading for hours each day is hard on the eyes with a tablet. Both the Kindle 3 and Kindle 3G make reading e books just as enjoyable as holding a book in your hands.

Did you know that the Kindle 3 can now read PDFs? No need to e-mail your document, either. You can just hook up your computer with a USB cable and drag and drop your document for reading later down the road. The Kindle 3 and Kindle 3G come with a web browser designed specifically to allow you to get to sites where you can download a number of public domain books for free. Most, if not all, mobile optimized web sites look terrific on your Kindle.

Refurbished Kindle
Where can I buy a Kindle? - Here you can buy a refurbished Kindle for only $ 99,-!A refurbished Kindle is just as good as a brand new Kindle. Buying a refurbished Kindle 3 can save you money, as they are usually significantly discounted when compared to buying new. Refurbished Kindles will still have all of the technology you need and want, just at a cheaper price. Don’t let the refurbished Kindle scare you, they are fully repaired and no different than a new one. In many cases, items that were only scratched get a new body and then have to be sold as a refurbished model. Smart people looking to get all the technology they want and need, but at a great price, purchase refurbished.

What exactly does refurbished mean? Refurbished refers to equipment that has been restored to a like-new working condition and appearance, and does not necessarily mean it’s used. Many manufacturers have quality standards that will not permit selling an item as new. The item may be in full working order and only has a minor problem that can easily be fixed. The item will be refurbished and sold at a discount. Remember, refurbished can mean that the the price is lower than that of a new model. So you, the consumer, wins!

Where can I buy a Kindle?
Where can I buy a Kindle? - Here you can buy a refurbished Kindle for only $ 99,-!If you are still asking yourself “where can I buy a kindle?” take a look around our site. You can buy any of the above mentioned Kindles right here. Look to all of your favorite web sites, or brick and mortar stores that you are used to shopping at to see both models. Where to buy a Kindle 3 is simple, look to where you currently go! There are many world wide web sites that make shopping for new and refurbished kindles easy. All of the standard websites are also great starting points. These include EBay, Craigslist, and even overstock.com. And of course, don’t forget the original manufacturer, Amazon. So now you know where to buy a kindle. Look no further than your computer!

We hope we have successfully answered your question of “where can I buy a Kindle?” with the information listed throughout this article. One last time, let’s review. The Kindle 3 and Kindle 3G are the perfect blend of technology and price, especially when you buy a refurbished kindle. The compact size, light weight feature, with an improved E-Ink display, and access to ebooks both on wi-fi and through 3G, make this the perfect choice. Finally to answer the question one last time, “Where can I buy a Kindle?”, look no further than your computer or laptop!

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