Wedding day diamonds usually wind up being on the small side for young couples just starting out. When looking for a diamond ring for his beloved, a young man may be surprised at how much real diamonds actually cost. He may have a 2 carat diamond engagement ring in mind. He may even reason that he will have enough money left over to take his intended out to dinner and propose to her. But our young optimist ends up buying a one-quarter carat solitaire, with no change in his pocket. But, it’s true love, he proposes in the car, she loves the ring, and they live happily ever after.

So, now that it’s getting close to Christmas, why not buy her those wedding day diamonds you couldn’t afford to give her 25 years ago?

Creative Diamond Ideas:

It is becoming more common for men and women to give each other wedding day diamonds, after the fact. Maybe you could buy her that pretty solitaire she’s had on her wish list. Or you could exchange updated wedding rings embedded with wedding day diamonds. You may have just purchased your wife a gold band in the beginning. Now, give her a wedding day diamonds in the form of a radiant anniversary band to wear with it.

It would be thrilling to get those wedding day diamonds in the form of a diamond ring guard with two rows of diamonds that she slips her engagement ring between.

Engagement Rings:

Engagement rings don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. There are settings that will give you the look of bigger diamonds. You can have a one half carat diamond set in the center of a halo ring setting, with a row or two of tiny pave diamonds surrounding the center stone. This setting is a real head turner but will not break the bank.


Another beautiful money-saving idea is a one-third carat diamond that is flanked on either side by a quarter-carat sapphire. You could get her a lovely single-stone sapphire necklace that complements the side stones in the engagement ring.

The engagement ring Princess Catherine received from Prince William was a gorgeous sapphire center stone surrounded by diamonds. If your intended wants a colored-stone engagement ring, take a look at sapphire engagement rings that are surrounded by small diamonds or white sapphires. Some are set in rhodium-covered, 925 sterling silver. This silver looks exactly like white gold and costs much less. It can be re-sized and re-rhodiumed inexpensively to update its shine.

Did you know that the sapphire gem has been set aside for the 5th and 45th year of marriage? Now you can tell your husband that you would like a sapphire necklace for your next anniversary. Sapphires range from bright blue to pink to almost black. If you purchase a sapphire necklace, be sure to match it with your other sapphire jewelry pieces.

Everlon Knot:

Another popular engagement ring style is the Everlon knot with a diamond in the center. The center diamonds can vary in size. Wouldn’t getting engaged to the woman you love be a lovely way to celebrate the holidays this year? Add a half-halo wedding band to Everlon knot diamond engagement rings. After the wedding you can have both rings soldered together for easier wearing.


Antique-style engagement rings are very much in vogue. Matching wedding rings and ring wraps come in matching styles also.

More Ideas:

Another creative jewelry gift is diamond and sapphire wedding rings for him and her. These are a creative way to have one-of-a-kind wedding rings. If she has been a “good girl” this year, why don’t you toss in a sapphire necklace and a sapphire bracelet for added measure? This would become a multi-piece ensemble that would match the sapphire and diamond engagement ring described earlier. Who says that wedding rings and engagement rings have to be 100 percent diamonds? Be creative, save money and make your own rules!

Diamond Heart Necklace:

An old stand-by Christmas present is the diamond heart necklace. A diamond heart necklace can be a heart outline of small diamonds, a simple one-diamond heart, a heart shape filled in with small, pave diamonds or a heart-shaped diamond and sapphire necklace. You will score high marks for giving the love of your life a diamond heart necklace. You can also find a beautiful diamond heart necklace on the internet, usually for less than a jewelry store price. The same applies to a sapphire heart necklace or one of rubies or emeralds. Re-sale sites, like eBay or Etsy, may offer a discounted diamond heart necklace that looks as good as new. Many eBay and Etsy sellers offer a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

Whether you buy her wedding day diamonds, a heart or sapphire necklace, she is sure to be thrilled. There are plenty of other gems to choose from. Engagement rings range in cost, as do wedding rings. But no matter what piece of jewelry you buy her this Christmas, she is guaranteed to be very happy with her Santa Claus!

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